About us

La peau parfait is a brand that is seriously committed to skin health. Its extensive range of skincare products is all free of common irritants and ingredients like lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colours, and fragrances. The brand has no-fuss, get-straight-down-to-business kinds of formulas that focus on achieving results without compromising your skin in the process. We have ranges that cater to all skin issues (blemishes, pigmentation, wrinkles, redness, you name it) and our skincare textures are not too heavy, not too light, keeping in mind the Indian skincare needs.
At la peau parfait, it is all about creating healthy, glowing skin and the products all speak to that mission. All our formulas are gentle, which is great if you have sensitive skin and it has a wide range of consciously crafted products, from thick creams to super lightweight moisturizers. The products are known for their use of the proven anti-aging ingredient, incorporating it into a wide array of products for the face and eyes. La peau parfait focuses on the science behind all their formulas, constantly seeking ways to help skin heal and regenerate itself.
About us
LE peau parfait
La peau parfait is a part of a leading skincare company which is enjoying leadership in functional skincare for the last 20 years. The brand is proof that affordable skincare can deliver amazing results. their formulas are dermatologically tested responsibly sourced and carefully crafted, resulting in a minimal yet complete line-up that addresses a wide range of complexion concerns.
La peau parfait is not only a skincare brand it is a skincare solution keeping the Indian skincare in mind. Skincare is embedded into many of our morning routines, from massaging your creamy cleanser in circles to slathering on your SPF with a heavy hand.
  • All Natural
    La peau parfait is an inclusive skincare brand that is determined to offer the most effective and safe skincare at the most affordable price.
  • TOP Quality
    La peau parfait formulation is developed with clinically proven ingredients and its efficacy is already tried and tested by leading dermatologists.
  • 24x7 Support
    La peau parfait comes with 20 years of pharma and skincare expertise and committed to delivering the best in the category.